Aug 3, 2010

New On The Web // Hotmail, Flikr, Chrome & Facebook Updates

This week so far has been very active with updates ;

  • Hotmail – Hotmail’s got a new look and new functionalities , i switched my original email home of Hotmail for Gmail because it was easier to use and manage mail but i’m willing to test out the ‘all new’ hotmail and see what it has to offer.
  • Gmail & Chrome – Speaking of Gmail, if your using Gmail in the Chrome browser you can now ‘drag and drop’ attachments…handy little feature.
  • Flikr – A facelift for Flikr was in order and they have delivered, the notable difference is that the image is larger. Find out more by logging into you Flikr account or clicking the link.
  • Facebook for Android – This really was overdue….all Android users know what i’m talking about. After having to wait for ‘forever’ to get an official Facebook app, the one we got didn’t compare to the iPhone app. Now there’s a much needed upgrade…i still don’t see a chat function, but i could be wrong.

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